Our Mission

To help students connect their ancient faith with their modern world.

Our Story

Worlds Apart began in 1996 and was best known for its database of resources accessible via JesusOntario.com. Its prime intent was to serve as a resource for audiences attending Brett Ullman's seminars. Five years later my speaking grew outside of Ontario and the site changed over to JesusCanada.com. My speaking continued to grow and in 2009 I was blessed to have had the chance to speak to over 80,000 people throughout Canada and the US. What was interesting during this time was that God began to pull my heart back to the local church. It was during this time in 2009 that I found myself doing something weird. I began to count churches that I past as I was driving.  I find I am counting between 10-20 churches on almost every drive I take. What I realized as I was counting was that I really did not know who was in these churches, but there are youth, and families in most of them. The other change that began to take place was in my speaking travels. It used to be that when I went to a speaking date in a town I would meet a ton of youth pastors from the local churches. I have seen a change in the last 5 years whereby it is not youth pastors meeting me but volunteer youth workers. In the past year I have been brought into many churches to speak not by the youth pastor but by the volunteer youth workers whose full time job is something else. It is from this realization of the growing volunteer youth workers in Canada that WorldsApart.org was born.

I began to realize that to fully help students be equipped to connect their faith with their culture I would have to broaden my vision to include helping youth workers and parents.

Boiler Plate

Worlds Apart is the premiere Canadian educator and knowledge-base of current youth-focused resources critical to adolescent development in a media-saturated culture. Our prime intent is to educate and inspire youth to critically reflect on how we interact and are impacted by media culture in our daily lives, habits, relationships and intrapersonal experiences. By challenging youth, parents and the global community, we profoundly influence our world to re-examine its standards and ideals, and empower individuals and families to re-align their lives with those core values that habitually disintegrate in the light of our TV screens.

Our Values

Integrity is our foundation and truth is our message.

We serve relentlessly as a voice of hope and empowerment for youth and their families.

Passion for excellence is evident in everything we do.

  • We welcome and encourage introspection and openness.
  • We courageously speak with clarity and truth.
  • We consistently exercise good  stewardship of our resources.
  • >We interact with a spirit of servanthood and respect.

At out core, we are passionately focused on engaging youth, to expose the effects of culture on our lives and to explore how our ancient faith relates to the modern world.

Defying the expected, we are non-apologetic in our fervor for young people. Bold and lovingly blunt, we address the critical issues affecting youth that are too often ignored.

Providing individuals with the skills necessary to interact with modern culture, today we are a growing organization focused on decoding the influences of media and culture as we offer resources to individuals interested in understanding its impact on their lives.

Brett's Bio

Often introduced as an expert on media influences, Brett Ullman travels North America speaking to adolescents, leaders and their parents on topics including sexuality, substance abuse and self-injury.  Driven by a desire to discuss, explore and share the Christian reality of living in a media-saturated world, Brett's seminars engage and challenge attendees through high-impact, technology-driven presentations.  Participants are inspired to reflect on what we know, what we believe and how our Ancient Faith ought to serve as the lens through which we view and engage modern culture.

Husband to Dawn, and father of Bennett and Zoe, Brett and his family make their home in Ajax, Ontario where Brett leads and directs Worlds Apart, a charity focused on empowering individuals to re-align their lives with Biblical core values often muddled by media but central to Christian living.